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  • Avoiding an Arrest

    In Hillsborough County, certain first-time misdemeanor offenders can avoid an arrest and judicial record entirely. In 2018, local law enforcement agencies, the State Attorney’s Office, and the Office of the Public Defender agreed to procedures for an Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Program.

    Who’s Eligible?

    Adults are disqualified from eligibility for the program if:

    What Offenses are Eligible?

    What the Program Requires

    If the offender can complete the program requirements within 120 days, the charges will be dismissed entirely and the offender will not have any judicial record of the crime. Within those 120 days, the offender must:

    What if You Don’t Complete the Program

    If the program is not completed within 120 days, the program administrator will notify the Office of the State Attorney and they will direct file charges and the case will proceed through regular prosecution through the courts.


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