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  • Property Crimes

    Grand Theft-smallGrand Theft

    A charge of Grand Theft is one where the stakes are high. A conviction for Grand Theft is at least a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison. An additional sanction is likely payment of restitution for any amount stolen and not yet returned. With that said, theft attorney Adam L. Bantner, II is experienced and will aggressively defend those accused with this crime to fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

    Petit-theft-smallPetit Theft

    Petit theft, or theft of property the value of which is under $300.00, is a common crime. The intent of the accused thief is one of, if not the most, litigated element of this crime. The prosecution must prove that the defendant intended to deprive the victim of his or her property. As such, it is a perfectly valid defense to the crime of petit theft that the accused believed the property was his or that he or she had a right to use it.

    Trespassing-smallTrespassing on School Grounds

    Any person, including suspended students, can commit the crime of trespass on school grounds. This includes simply entering a room or area of a school where a person has been forbidden from entering. The crime is elevated to a first-degree misdemeanor if the person has been told to leave the school and remains on the campus. Attorney Bantner can help any student, juvenile or other person who has been accused of this crime.

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